First biogas plant of a turkey farm in Finland 

The first biogas plant of a turkey farm in Finland, located in Kurikka, Southern Ostrobothnia, was completed at the end of 2021. The plant processes turkey manure, straw and grass, all of which are farm’s own feeds. No slurry is used at the plant. Such a liquid manure-free concept is well suited for poultry farms that, for hygienic reasons, cannot receive feed stocks of animal origin outside the farm. Gas is first used for heat production of the farm’s own need and later CHP is added to the combined heat and power generation.   

Metener delivered the process design and technology for the dry batch digestion plant. The gas burner started 2 weeks after addition of inoculate, ie the process rose faster than estimated 1 month.

Gas tractor refuelling system, Agco Power Oy

Metener delivered remote gas concept to Agco Power. System includes mobile high pressure gas storage, gas pipes, automation, safety systems and refuelling nozzle. System is designed and installed by Metener.

Biogas upgrading unit and filling station

Biogas upgrading unit 300 m3/h and filling station to Säkylä, Finland.

Gas system for testing CNG-engines

Metener desinged and installed gas system (bottles, pipes) according to Atex legislation, for CNG-engine testing room. System was approved by authorized inspection office.

Palopuron Biokaasu Oy dry fermentation plant in Hyvinkää

Constructed and commissioned in year 2018. Produces 2500 MWh traffic gas per year using grass, horse and chicken manure as biomasses. Biogas is upgraded to biomethane and pressurized to 250bar using Metener own developed systems. Biomethane is sold for vehicle use at Nivos Energy public filling station at Knehtilä farm. Biogas is also used for heating at Knehtilä farm. Palopuron Biokaasu Oy is established by Nivos Energy Oy, Knehtilä farm, Metener Oy and Lehtokumpu farm. More information:


Kouvola, dry fermentation plant

Dry fermentation plant to Kouvola, Finland year 2017.  Plant consist of two 1000 m3 batch digesters and one percolation tank. Biogas is produced from laundry waste, grass and grease. Energy is used for heat and electricity production.

Laukaa, dry fermentation plant

Dry fermentation plant to Kalmari farm year 2015. Plant consist of one 800 m3 batch digester and one percolation tank. Biogas is produced from grass, wheat straw, horse manure and wood chips and it is used for heating households and after upgrading as traffic fuel.

There has been 3-4 batches / year since 2015. Gas power is adjustable between 50-150 kW.


Biogas plant and public CBG filling station in Joutsa, Finland. Biomethane production started in spring 2014. Biomethane is produced from household biowaste and sewage sludge, together 5000 tons/year. Fermenter size is 750 m3.

Biogas plant and upgrading unit are from Metener. Compressor station and dispenser are by Schwelm Anlagentechnik GmbH.


Biogas plant in Huittinen, Finland. Plant is next to pig house and biogas is produced from pig manure, food industry waste like potato peel and agricultural waste. All together nearly 16 000 tons of biomass is used yearly.

Biogas is used for combined heat and power production (CHP) and energy is used in pig house. Plant has ability to produce up to 5000 MWh gas energy yearly. CHP unit is now 150 kWe.


Biogas plant is situated at the agricultural college in Tuorla, Finland, by the Baltic sea. Feedstocks are pig slurry, farmyard manure, common reed from sea and grass. Energy is used as heat and electricity 50kWe.

Special emphasis has been given to nutrient recycling and preserving vulnerable Baltic sea.


Biogas plant to Juva, Finland, commissioned year 2010. This plant process 19 000 tons of biomass yearly and this consist of cow slurry, chicken manure, vegetable waste and other sidestreams. Biogas is used in a greenhouse as electricity and heat, 250 kWe.


Biogas plant and upgrading unit in China. Reactors 2 x 400 m3, feedstock is mainly pig manure. Biogas is utilised as heat and also as kitchen gas after upgrading and pressurizing into bottles.

Kuopio and Kouvola


Mobile biogas plant for Savonia polytechnic. Plant is used as education and research. Two 3 m³ biogas reactors, continuous gas power 2-3 kW. Biogas is utilised for heating the process and container.

Biogas plant for Kouvola Region Vocational College. Plant is used in education. Reactor 34 m³ and secondary reactor 14 m³ . Continuous gas power 10 – 15 kW, biogas is used to produce heat and electricity.



Biogas plant for dairy research farm in Maaninka, Finland. Biomasses are cow slurry and agricultural plant biomass. Continuous gas power is 100 kW. Biogas is utilized as combined heat and power production (CHP).


Biogas plant for pig farm in Halsua, Finland. Plant has been producing biogas continuously since 2004. Biomasses are pig slurry and waste from food industry. Energy is used for combined heat and power production.



Biogas plant for Kalmari farm in year 1998. Plant has produced biogas continuously since then. Biomasses has been mainly cow slurry and waste from food industry. Energy is used for heat and power production as well as for traffic fuel since 2004.


Biogas tractor

Metener has developed biogas tractor together with Valtra and Agco Power. This tractor has been in every day use at Kalmari farm and fuel is from farm’s own biogas station.

Upgrading units

  • Laukaa, for public filling station, capacity 25 Nm3 / h
  • Landfill gas upgrading and pressurizing unit for research use in University of Jyväskylä,  capacity 8 Nm3 / h
  • Northern China, upgrading and pressurizing unit, capacity 40 Nm3 / h
  • England for traffic use, capacity 10 Nm3 / h.
  • Joutsa Finland, 60 Nm3/h. Upgrades biogas for public filling station.
  • Laukaa Finland, 60 Nm3/h. Upgrades biogas for public filling station.
  • Australia, Griffith University, 10 Nm3/h.
  • Hyvinkää Finland, 60 Nm3/h for public filling station.
  • Säkylä, Finland, 300 Nm3/h for public filling station.