Pre-design report

Metener pre-design report is the first step towards biogas plant investment. It is good way to find out:

  1. what is suitable process (dry/wet) for your biomass
  2. how much energy is produced as heat / electricity / trafic fuel
  3. what are the advantages of biogas plant (for environment and society)
  4. what would be the scale of the plant (needed land area and plant lay-out)
  5. technical consultation on gas transferring, utilization etc. what are needed
  6. what would be the level of investment
  7. biogas plant operational costs and plant own energy need
  8. other questions to finilize feasibility study
  9. metener delivery scope and clear out what other partners are needed.


These are questions that need to be solved before application for investment support, environmental and other permits and getting financing for project.

Pre-design can contain also biogas production trials.