Mr. Erkki Kalmari, technician and dairy farmer, constructed a biogas plant on his farm in late 90´s. He had seen some biogas plants on a technical tour in Germany and wanted to have his own plant. After few years of succesful biogas CHP utilisation Mr. Kalmari designed and manufactured a biogas upgrading unit and started to use biogas as a vehicle fuel in the year 2002. In the same year he opened a public CBG (compressed biogas) filling station and founded Metener Ltd with partners.

Metener Ltd has done a lot of R&D work over the years. Metener has own laboratory for research. Company has done several biogas production trials for different biomasses and co-operated with universities and research bodies. Also, biogas upgrading technology has been developed further.

Metener has required permissions to assemble and inspect bio/natural gas installations. In most cases, Metener Ltd delivers process and constructional planning, automation, biogas and biomass treatment equipment and pipe systems, as well as biogas utilisation equipment. Electrical engineering, groundworks and construction works are plannend and contracted in cooperation with customer.


Here is succes story of Kalmari farm which is surrounding for all Metener innovations.


Our goal is to promote transferring from fossil fuel based economy to bio based economy and decentralized energy production. Future is in renewable resources.