Biogas upgrading unit

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We have strong expertise in biogas upgrading. We deliver biogas upgrading units for capacity of 60-2700 kW (10 – 450 m3 raw biogas / h). Fully automatic units can be remote controlled by phone, PC and unit’s own monitoring room. We are specialized to biogas production followed by upgrading and filling, so we can build system that is easily integrated to your biogas plant.

Our upgrading technology is reliable and easy to monitor, operating don’t need extra skills.


Ask new prices for small scale solutions (10-20 m3/hour rawbiogas) from !


Biogas upgrading unit delivery consist of: 

  • Water scrubbing to methane content 95-99%
  • Gas quality measurement incl. history recording
  • Full automation, remote controlled over internet
  • Water cleaning and recycling
  • Gas drying system with automatic recovery
  • Heating and cooling systems
  • Pressurizing system
  • Tanks and gas pipes made by stainless steel and certified welders
  • Includes separated Atex proccess room and electricity room
  • Inspections according to European laws, CE approval by authorized inspection office
  • Delivered in standardized container which is ready for shipping, insulated walls are installed on site
  • On site testing and commissioning (2 weeks)

Can be connected to bottle storage and refuelling station of different sizes.

Metener compressing unit is possible to integrate into upgrading unit and get significant advantage in total investment cost. Then there is only one electric room and one process room including compressing and upgrading technology.


    Light upgrading

    New upgrading unit has been developed for upgrading biogas up to methane content of 70-80% (see table below). This is solution for example when there is need to:

    • Upgrade landfill gas to boiler or CHP utilization
    • Stabilize and lightly upgrade biogas from biogas plant to be used in boiler / CHP / industrial processes

    Advantage of light upgrading compared to full upgrading to biomethane is significantly lower investment cost. Light upgrading reduce amount of CO2, H2S and H20 in biogas.


    Capturing CO2

    Normally CO2 is separated from biogas in upgrading process and lead to atmosphere. It is renewable CO2 so it is not enhancing overall CO2 level in atmosphere. This CO2 would have formed anyway as result of biomass degrading process, without biogas production.

    As we want to continue being pioneers in biogas technology and heading towards bio-economy, we have developed system that capture CO2 from upgrading process. So this is ready to be sold when there are markets for renewable CO2.