Biogas production trials

We have been made biogas production trials since beginning year 2001. We do laboratory and pilot scale trials for every biomass before designing full scale plant. 

We are able to make trials in mesophilic or thermophilic temparature and also with batch or continuous stirring reactors in different scales.

In order to get trials for your biomass, please take contact to:

Juha Luostarinen,

With trials you get to know the methane potential (=energy potential) of your biomass, suitable process, retention time, total and volatile solid content before and after process and is there need for another biomass to support the process.

It is also possible to make microbial and nutritional analysis of the end product so that value as fertilizer is figured out.


We have made trials for example for these biomasses:

  • Potato stillage co-digestion
  • Golfcourse clippings digestion
  • Bakery waste digestion
  • Energy crops digestion
  • Waste plant oils digestion
  • Reed canary grass digestion
  • Eutrophicated lake biomass digestion
  • Greenhouse waste digestion
  • Poultry manure dry digestion
  • Horse manure dry digestion
  • Dry digestion, co-digestion grass and several manures
  • Fur animal manure digestion
  • Slaughterhouse waste digestion
  • Wood chips and wood peel dry digestion
  • Straw (wheat, rice) dry digestion