Automation and support services

Metener has always have own automation design and delivery, since the first customer reference year 2003. It has been important for us that biogas plants are automatized and it is possible to follow the process parameters remotely.

Nowadays we have 2 automation designers and 1 automation mechanic and we can deliver fully automatic biogas plant with remote control and alarming systems. We can follow up processes in our office which make it easy and fast to give support to biogas plant operators over the Finland and worldwide. With 20 years of experience (founder of Metener) and 10-15 years of experience (employees) we have answer for many questions concerning biogas production and upgrading processes. 


Examples of deliveries:

  • Over 10 biogas plants with Metener turnkey automation delivery: program, automation cabinets, installation of instruments, testing, commissioning, updates. Measurements like:

– Gas flow, quality and pressure.

– Fluid flow, temperature, pH, level.

– Control and power adjustments for pumps, blowers and stirring machines.

– Pasteurization program and instruments, history recording for quality inspections.

– Gas utilization (boiler, CHP, upgrading, bottle filling, car filling station) connected to biogas production plant -> control of gas  production, transfer and storaging.

  • Several biogas upgrading and pressurization units.
  • Pressure reducing systems.


Above mentioned includes:

– Numerous of safety rules to protect process and devices. 

– Remote controlling systems. Mobile application.

– Alarming systems.