Gas pressurizing technology



Metener Gas patented booster technology for increasing pipeline pressure from 6-8 bar range to 250 bar. Designed to receive upgraded biogas or natural gas (4-8 bar inlet pressure).

  • Proven technology with over 50 000 hours of operation experience.
  • Very low maintenance requirement, oil changes and filters every 2000 hours, gasket changes every 10 000 hours.
  • Annual service cost estimate 3 650 €, basis 8 300 operating hours per year, including desiccant 100 kg, hydraulic oil 450 l, filters, booster gaskets and seals.
  • Electric consumption of pressurization from 6 to 250 bar 0.10-0.15 kWh/Nm3 raw gas upgraded when upgrading and hydraulic booster units are installed together and all upgraded gas is pressurized in booster unit.
  • Desiccant filter to ensure no moisture or oil enters the vehicle tank or high pressure storage.
  • Gas delivery at 250 bar, 12 mm high pressure stainless steel pipe, to be connected to high pressure gas storage in nearby filling station or to gas transportation containers.