Biogas upgrading unit

We have strong expertise in biogas upgrading. We deliver biogas upgrading units for capacity of 60-3600 kW (10 – 600 m3 raw biogas / h). Fully automatic units can be remote controlled by phone, PC and unit’s own monitoring room. We are specialized to biogas production followed by upgrading and filling, so we can build system that is easily integrated to your biogas plant.

Our upgrading technology is reliable and easy to monitor, it doesn’t need extra skills.

We offer simple solutions for fleet filling as well as credit card based solutions that can meet requirements set for public refuelling stations for consumer use. 


  • CE-approval by certified inspection company


    Biogas upgrading unit delivery consist of: 

    • Water cleaning to level H (Wobbe index H 45.6-54.7, methane content 92-98%)
    • Gas quality measurement incl. history recording 
    • Full automation, remote controlled over internet.
    • Water cleaning and recycling. 
    • Gas drying system
    • Heating and cooling systems
    • Pressurizing system 
    • Tanks and gas pipes made by stainless steel and sertified welders.
    • Installed to standardized container which is ready for shipping.
    • Inspections according to European laws
    • On site testing and commissioning.

    Can be connected to bottle storage and filling station of different sizes. 


Price from 208 000 € / 360 kW (60 Nm3/h)



New upgrading unit is under development and coming year 2019. This unit is going to upgrade biogas only lightly so that methane contens is rised from raw gas level 50-60% to level 70-80%. At the same time harmful components are removed. 

We have noticed need for this kind of light upgrading for example combined to CHP production. Upgrading will rise the effieciency, life expense and operational reliability of a CHP unit but it is no need to upgrade biogas to vehicle fuel level (CH4 95%).